Thursday, April 11, 2013

Demolish Shops

Demolish / move your shops without losing cash

Everybody reaches a point where shops have to be demolished. Maybe you want to relocate them to another district, build them somewhere else or just change to a bigger shop size. A sure thing is that doing this using gold or tokens is a big waste of resources!

The biggest drawback of demolishing a shop in my eyes is that you A) lose TR and B) cash (for the stock in the shop)

I could not find a solution for both issues, but what I can handle is point B.

Here is is how I recommend to do it

  1. Rename the shop you want to demolish so you can recognize it in the sourcing panel.
  2. Do not source for this shop anymore
  3. Demolish after its empty (or nearly empty)
This picture shows my sourcing screen, as you can see its very easy to untick the shop I want to demolish. In this case it would the the shop called XXX1 6x6x2

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