Thursday, April 11, 2013

Demolish Shops

Demolish / move your shops without losing cash

Everybody reaches a point where shops have to be demolished. Maybe you want to relocate them to another district, build them somewhere else or just change to a bigger shop size. A sure thing is that doing this using gold or tokens is a big waste of resources!

The biggest drawback of demolishing a shop in my eyes is that you A) lose TR and B) cash (for the stock in the shop)

I could not find a solution for both issues, but what I can handle is point B.

Here is is how I recommend to do it

  1. Rename the shop you want to demolish so you can recognize it in the sourcing panel.
  2. Do not source for this shop anymore
  3. Demolish after its empty (or nearly empty)
This picture shows my sourcing screen, as you can see its very easy to untick the shop I want to demolish. In this case it would the the shop called XXX1 6x6x2

Wednesday, April 10, 2013

BizTyconn HD Version 1.6.0

Update to version 1.6.0

The update is out on your App Store, this time we found no bugs (so far). The biggest change is the redesigned HEADHUNT, which is open for every player above level 30.

Apart from hunting for Landmark executives with gold you can also hunt using tokens now. The results when using tokens seems not as good as using gold, but it still gives you the chance of getting executives. At least you can start synthesizing your not so great staff until you get a proper one.

Picture of the new HEADHUNT window.

Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Biz Tycoon Update 1.5.1

A couple of notes for the update:

There is the introduction of BizRoads for the guild and their members.

Goliath :: Decreases Procurement Cost :: 0.84 to 24%
Bakas :: Increases Shop GPC :: 0.53 to 15%
Seibel :: Increases emp chances of getting skills :: 1.68 to 48%

I have no ability to evaluate Seibel.

Bakas versus Goliath on the other hand is a matter of preference.

Let me demonstrate;

Let us say for example with a single Sports Car shop in District D, ARPD 58, CoGs 65%, and your CEO skill of Pricing is max, which is 60% bonus. This shop is situated next to a Convention Center with LM bonus of 64000. Let us assume the perk for this shop is 1400%

For a vanilla player:

(64000 + 3920) * 15 * 1.6 * (58 - 0.65 * 58) = Profit of 33,090,624; TR of 94,544,640

For a Goliath player:

(64000 + 3920) * 15 * 1.6 * (58 - 0.76 * 0.65 * 58) = Profit of 47,839,587.84; TR of 94,544,640

For a Bakas player:

(64000 + 3920) * 1.15 * 15 * 1.6 * (58 - 0.65 * 58) = Profit of 38,054,217.6; TR of 108,726,336

The Bakas player gains 14 million TR over the Goliath player, but makes about 10 million less than the Goliath player.

My advice is this: If you want to rank highly in the end-game, get Bakas. If you want to have more money to spend, get Goliath.

Personally, I always advocate more profit per unit, but in this circumstance, I can see very directly the benefit of Bakas over Goliath in the end game situation.

Have fun,

Biz Tycoon Update 1.5.1

The update should be safe to use now.