Saturday, December 8, 2012

Sourcing Problems

At some point in the game you will find that your shops are selling your goods faster than you can buy them. This is exactly the point where you will have your sourcing problem.

To solve the problem you have two CEO Skills which will help you.
  1. Just in Time
    Can be used when all CEO attributes reach 1,200 points
    Effect: Make your shops able to store more goods (increase SFR) in steps of
  2. Multisourcing
    Can be used when all CEO attributes reach 2,500 points
    Effect: Shortens the time to cool down after buying goods in steps of 3%.


Procure 20,000 goods / shop = cool down 4h (240min)
Procure 500,000 goods / shop = cool down 15h (900min)

Now we increase the moutisourcing skill by one level (3% less cooling time)

Procure 20,000 goods per / shop = cool down 233min (you saved 7min)
Procure 500,000 goods per / shop = cool down 873min (you saved 27min)

Conclusion: With the same moultisourcing level you can save more cooling time when buying bigger quantity.

Important Note: If you buy 500,000 goods / shop you actually don't. You will just buy the maximum good which can be stored by your shop (maximum SFR). So you are not wasting any cash!

How to effectively solve the problem now?

Buy as much goods as possible in one go. But as your shops can only store a certain amount, you have to increase the shops storage capacity (SFR) by using your just in time CEO skill. Level up Just in Time and Moutisourcing and keep them in balance. DONT level up Multisourcing and leave Just in time at a low level!

Problems you will face when fighting against your sourcing issue

  • If you increase your Just In Time skill, you can buy more goods. This will use up more cash, so only upgrade once you have enough savings to procure more.
  • Pricing skill, increases the cost of your goods, so only upgrade once your sourcing is in balance.
  • Multisourcing is a very expensive skill, only upgrade once you can make the 500K procurement (which depends on your cash balance).

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  1. Nice work!

    So because multisourcing costs so much to upgrade, the benefit is small if JIT is small! I get it!