This page attempts to address some frequently asked questions. If you have any questions you think would be useful for starting players, please email me.

a. How do I get CEO Level 1?
b. How do I get an Activation Code for CEO Level 1?
c. Is it worth paying dollars for CEO Level 1?
d. How do I increase my Receivables?
e. How do I increase my ARPD?
f. How do I increase my Demographic?
g. How do I increase my Perk?

a. How do I get CEO Level 1?

There are two known ways of getting CEO Level 1.
1) Paying the developers a certain amount of money for an in-game currency known as Gold. This is about US$ 50.
2) Getting a special code from a friend who has done Step (1) and using it in-game.

b. How do I get an Activation Code for CEO Level 1?

To get this special code, you need to know someone who has recently purchased enough Gold to make CEO Level 1. This person will be giving a once-only code that helps you or any other person reach CEO Level 1. Furthermore, this code is only given once to your friend – subsequent Gold purchases do not yield anymore Activation codes.

Your best bet of getting this code is by joining a guild, making friends with rich people, and begging/extorting/promising future exchange. As far as I know, there is no way of cheating the system, and even if I did know, I wouldn’t tell you know, would I? Heh.

c. Is it worth paying x dollars for CEO Level 1?

As I mentioned before, it costs about US$ 50 or thereabouts depending on your currency exchange. The benefits of CEO Level 1 is
1) You gain access to more profitable shops, making gameplay easier
2) You can found guilds for free
3) You can change nicknames of yourself, your company, and your shops
4) You can build Chambers for your guild
5) You get a nice shiny diamond next to your name

Another important thing is that future CEO progress is not dependant on spending more real cash.
So the question remains: Is it worth paying x dollars for CEO Level 1? It depends. To me, it depends on four things – how important that x dollars is to you in your daily circumstances, the people you interact with through the game, how much enjoyment you get from exploring the game content, and how much of a perfectionist you are.

For myself, the reason I spent the money was because I met some people online who are extremely funny, and enjoyable to spend time with, and this is one way I can keep playing around their level (although I am fairly certain they’ve spend much more than I have).

d. How do I increase my Receivables?

This is the most common question we see in Biz Tycoon HD.

In essence, Receivables = Shop Income! & Shop Income = ARPD x Demographic x Perk!

Now basic math tells us three things,

                If you increase ARPD, Income goes Up
                If you increase Demographic, Income goes Up
                If you increase Perk, Income goes Up
                If Income goes Up, Receivables goes Up
                If Number of Shops goes Up, Receivables goes Up

So in summary, if you want to increase Receivables, you have to build more shops or increase ARPD, Demographic or Perk.

e. How do I increase my ARPD?

ARPD is how much an item sells for. There are three ways to increase ARPD:

1) Sell more expensive goods, e.g. selling Watches brings more cash than selling Drugs
2) Upgrade the Pricing Skill (this is a CEO skill that increases ARPD by 3% per level)
3) Getting the Chancellor bonus

f. How do I increase my Demographic?

Demographic can be increased in three ways:

1) Upgrading your shop to Level 5
2) Moving to higher Districts
3) Building and staffing Landmarks

g. How do I increase my Perk?

Perks can be increased in 3 main ways, Globally (that is it applies to all your shops), Shop Specific (that is it applies to ONLY that shop), Type/Sector Specific (that is it applies to all shops of that TYPE)

1) Belonging to a guild
2) Becoming a CEO and increasing CEO Level
3) Buying cars
4) Increasing department levels
5) Having friends and completing Cooperation

Shop Specific
1) Building infills (see max infills)
2) Appointing a high level Manager
3) Appointing a multi and high Business skill Manager
4) Increasing your employees’ levels
5) Increasing your employees’ skills
6) Completing Joint Promotions

Type Specific
7) Becoming a controlling shareholder
8) Joining a guild chamber
9) Becoming a sector senator, or having that specific sector senator in your guild

These methods of increasing Perks are not all equal. Some are cheaper and some are very expensive. Some are easy to get, some are difficult (like getting Sector Senator). Some are permanent, some are temporary.

As this is only a basic answer, I will leave it to you to find out which is which. However, as a rough rule of thumb, Cooperation, Joint Promotions and having max infills are easy to do. Then appointing a Manager who is relatively high level (say Level 6-9) and this Manager having 3-4 Business Skills at between Level 1 to Level 5 each is a cheap way of dramatically increasing Perk for that single shop.

Finally, joining a good guild like White Lotus is a very good way of increasing your Perks.

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