Wednesday, October 31, 2012


The Senator seat, at least the Chancellor seat grants +9% to ARPD.

However, it is interesting to note that this bonus is applied after/before the Pricing perk for cost.

That is,

Cost of Goods = ARPD * Pricing bonus * Senator Perk * CoGS

eg. 58 ARPD * 1.24 * 1.09 * 0.82 = 64.28 per unit

instead of,

Cost of Goods = ARPD * (Pricing bonus + Senator Perk) * CoGS

eg. 58 ARPD * 1.33 * 0.82 = 63.25 per unit

This increases the effectiveness of the Pricing bonus in terms of cost of goods, I have not done specific observations for ARPD but I would assume it is the same.

Have fun, ST

The Formula

If you're like me, you found yourself just procuring all day. Your employees are working too hard and selling too fast. So I wanted to find out how Biz Tycoon HD determined the length of time to sell products.

As far as I can tell, this formula seems to be working for me, except for funnily enough, district A. I've tried to control for as many variables as possible. So without further ado:

Clearance time in minutes =

122.644 * Capacity * Inventory
60 * Employee * Demo * TPerk

*Just a note: TPerk = (Perk + 100)/100

Example: Bejeweled, District C(94,101) =

122.644 * 10566 * 5940      =    330.57
60 * 15 * 3026 * 8.55

TPerk here is calculated as (755% + 100) / 100

The game gives me an estimated time of 5 hours 30 minutes and 36 seconds.

My formula is off by 2 seconds. Not bad.

Why figure this out? So I can determine what variables I need to control to procure at 24 hours.

That said, I only have a limited pool of sample, so if anyone has bigger shops or more variables, let me know in the chatbox or email me!

NB: The 122.644 is replaced with 132.588 in District A. I was guessing it had to do with population but the formula remains unchanged in VPT.

Have fun, ST

Monday, October 29, 2012

Overheads for Shops

Just a tip,

Overheads are calculated by floor area;

Each "square" costs 1000 coin per day, so a 3*5*5 floor shop will cost:

Daily cost = 3 x 5 x 5 x 1000 = 75 000 coin.

Interestingly, the floor area allows us to count that 1 "square is 3 metres x 3 metres.

Have fun, ST

More Landmarks!

Opera House
1 Land
360 x 49
17640 GPC
300 000 000 cash
30 000 000 cash
Supervision, Negotiation, Interpersonal, Learning,
Bookkeeping, Auditing, Project, Compliment
General Hospital
1 Land
460 x 49
22540 GPC
450 000 000 cash
45 000 000 cash
Reception, Supervision, Negotiation, Interpersonal,
Auditing, Project, Compliment, Sales
1 Land
660 x 49
32340 GPC
540 000 000 cash
54 000 000 cash
Reception, Supervision, Negotiation, Interpersonal,
Learning, Auditing, Project, Compliment, Sales
1 Land
5* (+100 employees, +5 land)
+500 employees, +25 land
150 000 000 cash
5 000 000 cash
Reception, Supervision, Interpersonal, Learning,
Auditing, Project, Sales

Will add more when I have access to them! Send me info if you have it!

Have fun, ST
*all images copyright Hui Liu, Biz Tycoon HD

Friday, October 26, 2012

Don't Bite the Hand that Feeds You

As a new player, things may be confusing.

Especially so when you discover the land is a lot larger than you realized.

Word of advice, do not start your new shops near a guild member. You end up competing with them for the same resource. In the business world, this is known as cannibalisation (or near about).

Use the land heat map and avoid the cyan colors who are your guild members. Better yet, give yourself some clear room and dominate that area, avoiding competition while you can.

As you can see, I'm already too close to one of my guild members.

Don't fight over the pie, fight to make the pie bigger.

Have fun, ST
*all images copyright Hui Liu, Biz Tycoon HD

Saving for A Rainy Day

There will be times that your company runs into liquidity issues.

That is to say, you can't pay the bills.

This is where I keep my Futures handy. Every day you're allocated 100 Buy transactions with a maximum 500 Contracts per transaction. This allows you to build up a position of 50000 Contracts each day.

You have, however, unlimited Sell transactions.

Therefore, each day, I make a profit trading Futures, but I also set aside 30-40 Buys into a long term Future.  This will reduce your immediate daily profit, but it is very handy when you need to raise 10-15 million in cash quickly. 

I have used my Rainy Day fund before by cashing out a third of my positions in Aluminium for a quick 6 mill so I could complete the Daily Quest Token Exchange for 50 free Tokens, 8 Luxuries, and 15 Diligence. It is a prudent business man who not only has a Primary plan, but an Alternative, Contingency and Emergency plan.

Remember, you don't need to sell all your positions when you need cash.

Also remember that the more expensive Futures rise and fall in trends, so they may not be high when you need them to be.

Have fun, ST

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Business for The Brave

For the beginner,

Don't be afraid to sell your shops in Virtual Private Town once you've established a secure foothold in District A and/or B.

It's worth it.

Have fun, ST

Currencies of the Game: Gold Coins

I'm sure your PA has introduced you to the various currencies of the game, but here's another rundown for Gold Coins.

Gold Coins, also known as Gold, appears as Cash Balance on the Top Bar, sixth column.
These can be acquired via the following methods.
  1. Completing Quests
  2. In App Purchases
  3. Using Activation Codes (from gold purchases)
Gold Coins can be spent via:
  1. Bypassing Cooldowns (I believe it is 1 Gold per minute)
  2. Procuring stock for your Shops
  3. Relocating your Shops
  4. Buying Votes
  5. Buying Futures Seats
  6. Hunting Department Seats
  7. Upgrading employees Levels
  8. Discernment
  9. Buying Shop Patrol
  10. Buying Land
  11. Building Shops
  12. Building Infills
  13. Building Landmarks (need to check)
  14. Media campaigns
  15. Exchanging Gold for Tokens
  16. Improving employees Skills
  17. Teaching employees new Skills
Have fun, ST
*all images copyright Hui Liu, Biz Tycoon HD

Monday, October 22, 2012

Capture the Flag

There comes a time when you're thinking of expanding the company, and saved enough money to build yourself a nice shiny new landmark.

Your new landmark will spread its glorious light over your increasingly profitable shops!

However, a word of warning.

Your landmark influences 8 or 24 land around it. Please be sure to save up enough money to buy all 8 + 1 or 24 + 1 land you require in one go, or it could end very badly.

If you buy them one by one, some dastardly player will buy all the remaining pieces around your landmark.

A dastardly player like me. Hehe.

Have fun, ST
*all images copyright Hui Liu, Biz Tycoon HD

Currencies of the Game: Tokens

I'm sure your PA has introduced you to the various currencies of the game, but here's another rundown for Tokens.

Tokens, also known as silver coins, appears as Token on the Top Bar, fifth column.
These can be acquired via the following methods.
  1. Completing Daily Tasks
  2. Completing PvE challenges
  3. Completing PVP
  4. Exchanging Vouchers for Tokens at Token Center
  5. Claiming Login Prize (for certain CEO levels only)
  6. Using Activation Codes (from gold purchases)
  7. Completing Quests
Tokens can be spent via:
  1. Discernment
  2. Upgrading Employees Levels
  3. Upgrading Employees Skills
  4. Building Infills
  5. Expanding Shops
  6. Building Landmarks
  7. Patrol Shops
  8. CEO Skills
  9. CEO Levels
  10. Buying Votes
Have fun, ST
*all images copyright Hui Liu, Biz Tycoon HD

Friday, October 19, 2012


Just a reminder of a handy trick, the Max Infill.

As you can see here, 1 of each infill, and 7 fountains, gives me 49% Perk.

Adding 1 more fountain gives me 150% Perk because I fulfilled the rules as below. Voila!

If you don't use the 4% infills though, your Perk may go below 150% like this below: 132% Perk.

The rules:
1. At least one of each type
2. At least one type has 8 copies

In my opinion, it is best to use 4% infills as they give you the Max Infill bonus at the cheapest price.

Have fun, ST
*all images copyright Hui Liu, Biz Tycoon HD

Currencies of the Game: Cash

I'm sure your PA has introduced you to the various currencies of the game, but here's another rundown for Cash.

Cash, also known as G-COINS, appears as Cash Balance on the Top Bar, fourth column.

These can be acquired via the following methods.
  1. Receivables from Shops
  2. Completing Quests
  3. Selling Futures
  4. Completing International Trade
  5. Selling Luxuries
  6. Stealing from Shops
  7. Voting
  8. Using Activation Codes (from Gold purchases)
  9. Claiming Login prizes (I think this is only available to certain CEO levels)
These can be improved by the following.
  1. Upgrading Perks - including CEO level, Employees level, Infills, Landmarks etc.
  2. Upgrading ARPD
  3. Upgrading WTC and MC
  4. Upgrading Departments
  5. Joint Promotions
  6. Cooperation
  7. Selling Luxuries at max prices
  8. Hiring ship crew
A very nice summary of your daily earnings can be found under Co. -> Reports -> Finance Details

Cash can be spent via:
  1. [Compulsory] Sales taxes
  2. [Compulsory] Shop Overheads
  3. [Compulsory] Landmark Overheads
  4. [Compulsory] Employees wages
  5. Procuring stock for your shops
  6. Contributing to the Guild
  7. Buying Futures
  8. Starting International Trade
  9. Starting Joint Promotions
  10. Starting Cooperation
  11. Building new Shops
  12. Building Landmarks
  13. Buying Land
  14. WTC campaigns
  15. Media campaigns
  16. Improving employees Skills
  17. Upgrading employees Levels
  18. Buying Cars
  19. Buying Carparking Lots
  20. Investing in an Election Campaign Fund
  21. Investing in Supply Chains
  22. Removing friends
Have fun, ST
*all images copyright Hui Liu, Biz Tycoon HD

Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Pricing CEO Skill

This CEO Skill has a hidden attribute.

Description: Increases shop's Average Receivable per Demographics (ARPD).

What Hui Liu doesn't tell you is that Pricing also increases the average Unit Cost for Procurement.

Therefore, as an example, a Liquor Store with a CoGS% 58 and ARPD 42 will, after a Pricing Skill Level 3 (9%) have a CoGS% 58 and ARPD 45.78. However the unit cost goes from 24.36/unit pre-Pricing to 26.55/unit post-Pricing, increasing the profit per unit by 1.59/unit (19.23 - 17.64) pre Perks which is about 3.8% increase in profit. And remember, Perks don't increase profit per unit, they just increase units sold per unit time.

Have fun, ST

The Daily Run Up

The game is quite inadequately translated at times, so there are many things which took a while to learn.

There are many activities which get refreshed at midnight and if you're interested in Min/Maxing profit should be done each day.

This is the list of activities which I do in order of priority each day.
  1. Complete Daily Tasks
  2. Procurement for Shops
  3. Claim Stolen Cash (if you do)
  4. Claim Login Price (if you have access)
  5. International Trade
  6. Futures
  7. Operations (for Luxuries, then Traits)
  8. Joint Promotions
  9. Cooperation
  10. Contribute to Guild (I do a minimum of 1 million daily)
  11. Vote for Sectoral Interests Senate
  12. PvE (coordinate this with your guild, it gets much better)
  13. WTC Campaign
Then do whatever your remaining cash allows you to do.

Have fun, ST

Monday, October 15, 2012


Urban Park
1 Land
100 x 9
900 GPC
2 400 000 cash
240 000 cash
1 Land
130 x 9
1170 GPC
3 600 000 cash
360 000 cash
Reception, Project
Swimming Pool
1 Land
160 x 9
1440 GPC
4 500 000 cash
450 000 cash
Supervision, Interpersonal,
Memorial Park
1 Land
190 x 25
4750 GPC
24 000 000 cash
2 400 000 cash
Supervision, Communication, Sales,
Bookkeeping, Compliment
Subway Station
1 Land
240 x 25
6000 GPC
45 000 000 cash
4 500 000 cash
Reception, Interpersonal, Learning,
Auditing, Project
TV Tower
1 Land
290 x 9
7250 GPC
60 000 000 cash
6 000 000 cash
Supervision, Interpersonal, Learning,
Auditing, Compliment, Sales

Will add more when I have access to them! Send me info if you have it!

Have fun, ST
*all images copyright Hui Liu, Biz Tycoon HD

Guild Life

I can guarantee your time in Biz Tycoon will be much more enjoyable with the right people.

Hopefully this means the right guild.

The guild also benefits you by giving a Member's Perk which can double or even triple a vanilla shop's income.

However, running a guild comes at a cost!

If you open your Guild tab, this is displayed under Guild Overheads. This can often be a substantial amount titrated to the level of the guild.

So, here's how you can help out your guild (in tangible and intangible ways)!

1. Contribute gold

This helps pay the guild's overheads, and eases the burden on the Vice Presidents and President. Remember, the guild is already increasing your Receivables! I think donating regularly is an important part of being a contributing member to the guild. For example, I have donated 1 million cash daily to my guild, some days more. At that time, this represented 20 to 25% of my receivables. And remember it's not for nothing, you are getting Tokens in exchange for your cash. (As a side note, each exchange adds 5 minutes to a timer, and the timer locks you out at 40 minutes, need verification)

2. Coordinate PvE with guild members

This is quite important, as it can significantly benefit the guild and yourselves. For example, in Wolf Tea, the solo Arena, you gain 150 000 Cash for your guild and 5 Tokens for yourself. If you move to Wolf Tobacco, the highest Arena requiring two victors, you gain 270 000 Cash for your guild and 15 Tokens for yourself for the same Quota. If you do the math, this is an additional 240 000 Cash for the guild from the both of you, and 20 extra Tokens amongst the two of you. This only increases exponentially as you move higher up the PvE tree.

3. Coordinate PVP with guild members

I haven't really experienced this successfully, so will have to update it later. However, reading the notes, it appears that winning grants you a number of Tokens, and holding it every 5 minutes gives another set amount of Tokens, this can be improved by your success in PvE as a guild. PVP opens for 1 hour, so assuming the first challenge takes 10 minutes, this (potentially) could mean (for my guild) 15 Tokens on win + 10 * 15 Tokens (5 minutely) equating to 165 Tokens per PVP held for 1 full hour.

4. Teaching new members

I think this is invaluable to the guild. You're not only helping the new member improve their business but also potentially get them more engaged into the guild and then you can encourage them to contribute more to the guild.

5. Voting for members running for Senate

Remember you get a certain number of votes for free, and you get paid for voting. Winning the Senate Seat will grant bonuses to the shops you have and is a great boost for the entire Guild.

Have fun, ST

Friday, October 12, 2012

Shops: CoGS% and ARPD

Had to share this.
Shop TypeCoGS%ARPDShop TypeCoGS%ARPD
Liquor Store58 %42 GDrug Store58 %42 G
Ice Cream Store61 %44 GEthnic Eater61 %44 G
Supermarket64 %46 GAuto Service Center64 %46 G
Cinema67 %48 GBar67 %48 G
Bookstore70 %50 GSporting Store70 %50 G
Bedding Center73 %52 GFurniture Store73 %52 G
Infant Store76 %54 GClothing Store76 %54 G
A&V Center79 %56 GWireless Operators Center79 %56 G
Perfumes House82 %58 GJewelry Store82 %58 G
Health Care Center58 %42 GConvenience Store58 %42 G
Cafe61 %44 GItalian Restaurant61 %44 G
Department Store64 %46 GCosmetics House64 %46 G
Spa67 %48 GKaraoke Box67 %48 G
Musical Instrument Store70 %50 GToys Store70 %50 G
Building Materials73 %52 GElectric Lighting Store73 %52 G
Shoe Store76 %54 GLeather Products Shop76 %54 G
Computers Store79 %56 GElectronics Store79 %56 G
Antique Shop82 %58 GWatch Store82 %58 G

Let me know if you know the values for the VIP shops.

Have fun, ST

Choosing the Right Guild

Obviously, the right guild is White Lotus heh, but should we be closed to new applicants, here are some pointers to picking the right guild.

Watch the chat. Observe the players who are active and helpful, and see which guild they belong to. Birds of a feather flock together, so you want a guild that helps each other out.

Look at the Top Guilds list - Eco Map -> Ranking -> Guild. Preferably, the guild you are interested in will be quite successful, as that means the benefits to you will be sizeable. Remember though, that business is a two way street and you should give back to your guild.

Click on a guild you're interested in, some stats will be displayed.

They include:
  1. Bulletin:
  2. President
  3. Level
  4. Number of Members
  5. President Perk
  6. Vice President Perk
  7. Member Perk
  8. No. of Chambers
  9. Vouchers for Tokens
Of these, my personal opinion is that the most important factor is the President. Click the magnifier, this should bring up the stats of the President. If his or her Received Cash (Yesterday) is 0, as a generic rule, stay far away. This often is a sign of inactivity of the Guild President (not always but mostly), which can never be good for the guild.

The next most important thing to look at is Bulletin. If it reads like the generic "Please do PvE and donate generously" I would not rate the guild highly. For example, the main reason why I moved to White Lotus was because its Bulletin read "Congratulation! We have done the next Level! Perfect Job!". This speaks volumes about the guild. You may disagree with me.

Aside from that, the other important stats would be Number of Members and Member Perk. If you're looking to help build up a young guild, ignore Number of Members, just know that your daily contribution will have to be higher. As a rule of thumb, the more members, the more likely they will be more active

Finally, the Member Perk. This is the bonus you will get when you join the guild. For example, the Member Perk of White Lotus is 120%. This means a vanilla (no perks) shop will get its income multiplied by 2.2. Pretty sweet right.

Also, of note is Vouchers for Tokens. Because there is a Daily Challenge that rewards you when you exchange Tokens 8 times, it can be important to consider this. For example, White Lotus's Vouchers for Tokens is 46 Tokens - What this means is that you can only exchange once if you have 46 Vouchers. Hence you need 8 * 46 Vouchers = 368 Vouchers for that Daily Challenge. This can be a pretty steep price, and can be important if the Daily Challenge locks out the rest of the Challenges meaning you could lose about 200 potential tokens a day if you cannot afford the Vouchers.

At the end of the day, pick a guild with members who you can have fun with. That's the most important criteria.

Have fun, ST

Wednesday, October 10, 2012

How to Increase Receivables, for the Beginner

Let’s take Electronics ST (District B 179,172) managed by a Jill Hill as an example.

Money In = (a) Number of Customers * (b) Average Price Customers Pay * (c) Bonuses

(a)    = ( [GPCD/100 * GPC] vs [CHC] ), the higher of
(b)   = ARPD * (1 + (0.01 * Pricing bonus))
(c)    = Perk / 100

For Electronics ST:
GPCD = 100%                       (How much of the area your shop controls)
GPC = 1571                           (How big an area your shop caters to)
CHC = 997                            (How many customers your shop can handle)
ARPD = 56G + 6%                (How much your customers pay)
Perk = 491%                          (Bonuses)

Money In = (a) 997 * (b) 59.36 * (c) 4.91 = 290 583 G per day.

In your early days, the quickest way to increase your receivables will be one of two things;

Increasing GPC
      Increasing your Perks

Increasing GPC
For myself, in between levels 8-15, I levelled the Media Coverage of all my shops to 200+. This allowed me to upgrade all of them to Level 4 shops. This is a cheap and efficient way to increase GPC and thus receivables quickly.

Increasing Perks
For myself, getting the bonus Level 10 Execs from Quests made life easier. For now, make them the managers of your shops, they give Perks up to 200. This essentially equates to triple the receivables of a vanilla shop.

The next quick way to increase receivables is to build Max Infills. Infills are the little trees and fountains you build to... fill in... your land. They cost in between 1 to 5 tokens. The trick is that if you build 1 of each type of infill, and at least 8 repeats of 1 of those, you get the Max Infill bonus, which is 150. It can cost about 30-45 tokens to Max Infill the land but the bonus applies to all shops on that land. This can more than double your receivables for that land.

Other than that, there are plenty of other ways in which to increase your Receivables. Be creative and make sure you do it with enough fall back plans and cash reserves! 

Have fun, ST