Wednesday, October 17, 2012

The Daily Run Up

The game is quite inadequately translated at times, so there are many things which took a while to learn.

There are many activities which get refreshed at midnight and if you're interested in Min/Maxing profit should be done each day.

This is the list of activities which I do in order of priority each day.
  1. Complete Daily Tasks
  2. Procurement for Shops
  3. Claim Stolen Cash (if you do)
  4. Claim Login Price (if you have access)
  5. International Trade
  6. Futures
  7. Operations (for Luxuries, then Traits)
  8. Joint Promotions
  9. Cooperation
  10. Contribute to Guild (I do a minimum of 1 million daily)
  11. Vote for Sectoral Interests Senate
  12. PvE (coordinate this with your guild, it gets much better)
  13. WTC Campaign
Then do whatever your remaining cash allows you to do.

Have fun, ST

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