Monday, October 15, 2012

Guild Life

I can guarantee your time in Biz Tycoon will be much more enjoyable with the right people.

Hopefully this means the right guild.

The guild also benefits you by giving a Member's Perk which can double or even triple a vanilla shop's income.

However, running a guild comes at a cost!

If you open your Guild tab, this is displayed under Guild Overheads. This can often be a substantial amount titrated to the level of the guild.

So, here's how you can help out your guild (in tangible and intangible ways)!

1. Contribute gold

This helps pay the guild's overheads, and eases the burden on the Vice Presidents and President. Remember, the guild is already increasing your Receivables! I think donating regularly is an important part of being a contributing member to the guild. For example, I have donated 1 million cash daily to my guild, some days more. At that time, this represented 20 to 25% of my receivables. And remember it's not for nothing, you are getting Tokens in exchange for your cash. (As a side note, each exchange adds 5 minutes to a timer, and the timer locks you out at 40 minutes, need verification)

2. Coordinate PvE with guild members

This is quite important, as it can significantly benefit the guild and yourselves. For example, in Wolf Tea, the solo Arena, you gain 150 000 Cash for your guild and 5 Tokens for yourself. If you move to Wolf Tobacco, the highest Arena requiring two victors, you gain 270 000 Cash for your guild and 15 Tokens for yourself for the same Quota. If you do the math, this is an additional 240 000 Cash for the guild from the both of you, and 20 extra Tokens amongst the two of you. This only increases exponentially as you move higher up the PvE tree.

3. Coordinate PVP with guild members

I haven't really experienced this successfully, so will have to update it later. However, reading the notes, it appears that winning grants you a number of Tokens, and holding it every 5 minutes gives another set amount of Tokens, this can be improved by your success in PvE as a guild. PVP opens for 1 hour, so assuming the first challenge takes 10 minutes, this (potentially) could mean (for my guild) 15 Tokens on win + 10 * 15 Tokens (5 minutely) equating to 165 Tokens per PVP held for 1 full hour.

4. Teaching new members

I think this is invaluable to the guild. You're not only helping the new member improve their business but also potentially get them more engaged into the guild and then you can encourage them to contribute more to the guild.

5. Voting for members running for Senate

Remember you get a certain number of votes for free, and you get paid for voting. Winning the Senate Seat will grant bonuses to the shops you have and is a great boost for the entire Guild.

Have fun, ST

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