Wednesday, October 10, 2012

How to Increase Receivables, for the Beginner

Let’s take Electronics ST (District B 179,172) managed by a Jill Hill as an example.

Money In = (a) Number of Customers * (b) Average Price Customers Pay * (c) Bonuses

(a)    = ( [GPCD/100 * GPC] vs [CHC] ), the higher of
(b)   = ARPD * (1 + (0.01 * Pricing bonus))
(c)    = Perk / 100

For Electronics ST:
GPCD = 100%                       (How much of the area your shop controls)
GPC = 1571                           (How big an area your shop caters to)
CHC = 997                            (How many customers your shop can handle)
ARPD = 56G + 6%                (How much your customers pay)
Perk = 491%                          (Bonuses)

Money In = (a) 997 * (b) 59.36 * (c) 4.91 = 290 583 G per day.

In your early days, the quickest way to increase your receivables will be one of two things;

Increasing GPC
      Increasing your Perks

Increasing GPC
For myself, in between levels 8-15, I levelled the Media Coverage of all my shops to 200+. This allowed me to upgrade all of them to Level 4 shops. This is a cheap and efficient way to increase GPC and thus receivables quickly.

Increasing Perks
For myself, getting the bonus Level 10 Execs from Quests made life easier. For now, make them the managers of your shops, they give Perks up to 200. This essentially equates to triple the receivables of a vanilla shop.

The next quick way to increase receivables is to build Max Infills. Infills are the little trees and fountains you build to... fill in... your land. They cost in between 1 to 5 tokens. The trick is that if you build 1 of each type of infill, and at least 8 repeats of 1 of those, you get the Max Infill bonus, which is 150. It can cost about 30-45 tokens to Max Infill the land but the bonus applies to all shops on that land. This can more than double your receivables for that land.

Other than that, there are plenty of other ways in which to increase your Receivables. Be creative and make sure you do it with enough fall back plans and cash reserves! 

Have fun, ST

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