Friday, October 12, 2012

Choosing the Right Guild

Obviously, the right guild is White Lotus heh, but should we be closed to new applicants, here are some pointers to picking the right guild.

Watch the chat. Observe the players who are active and helpful, and see which guild they belong to. Birds of a feather flock together, so you want a guild that helps each other out.

Look at the Top Guilds list - Eco Map -> Ranking -> Guild. Preferably, the guild you are interested in will be quite successful, as that means the benefits to you will be sizeable. Remember though, that business is a two way street and you should give back to your guild.

Click on a guild you're interested in, some stats will be displayed.

They include:
  1. Bulletin:
  2. President
  3. Level
  4. Number of Members
  5. President Perk
  6. Vice President Perk
  7. Member Perk
  8. No. of Chambers
  9. Vouchers for Tokens
Of these, my personal opinion is that the most important factor is the President. Click the magnifier, this should bring up the stats of the President. If his or her Received Cash (Yesterday) is 0, as a generic rule, stay far away. This often is a sign of inactivity of the Guild President (not always but mostly), which can never be good for the guild.

The next most important thing to look at is Bulletin. If it reads like the generic "Please do PvE and donate generously" I would not rate the guild highly. For example, the main reason why I moved to White Lotus was because its Bulletin read "Congratulation! We have done the next Level! Perfect Job!". This speaks volumes about the guild. You may disagree with me.

Aside from that, the other important stats would be Number of Members and Member Perk. If you're looking to help build up a young guild, ignore Number of Members, just know that your daily contribution will have to be higher. As a rule of thumb, the more members, the more likely they will be more active

Finally, the Member Perk. This is the bonus you will get when you join the guild. For example, the Member Perk of White Lotus is 120%. This means a vanilla (no perks) shop will get its income multiplied by 2.2. Pretty sweet right.

Also, of note is Vouchers for Tokens. Because there is a Daily Challenge that rewards you when you exchange Tokens 8 times, it can be important to consider this. For example, White Lotus's Vouchers for Tokens is 46 Tokens - What this means is that you can only exchange once if you have 46 Vouchers. Hence you need 8 * 46 Vouchers = 368 Vouchers for that Daily Challenge. This can be a pretty steep price, and can be important if the Daily Challenge locks out the rest of the Challenges meaning you could lose about 200 potential tokens a day if you cannot afford the Vouchers.

At the end of the day, pick a guild with members who you can have fun with. That's the most important criteria.

Have fun, ST

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