Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Employees (Part One)

Employees form the backbone of your company. They are the ones who sell your goods while you sleep!

This is the first in a short series on employees.

You can hire/fire/tickle employees via the Staffing button in the bottom menu. (Not really, you can't tickle them.) All new employees start at Level 0 and max out at Level 10.

Before you hire them, they have three attributes that you need to consider, two hidden and one not.

These are:
1) Talent
2) Wage
3) Discernment

Talent is divided into 5 groups and will be the main way in which you decide how to hire your employees.

These groups are:
1) Primary Talent
2) Secondary Talent
3) Advanced Talent
4) Super Talent
5) International Headhunt

They are divided into these groups by wage grouping; Primary Talent has wages of 100 - 255; Secondary, 256 - 507; Advanced, 508 - 1142; Super, 1143 - 2570; International, 2571 - 3855.

These groupings are a basic indicator for two things - how likely you are to get different levels of Discernment (which I will explain shortly), and what the highest possible wage you are going to pay for this employee should you train them all the way to Level 10.

Discernment is one of the hidden qualities.

It is divided into 5 categories:
1) Data Collecting
2) Informed
3) Knowledgeable
4) Wise
5) Enlightened

An employee's Discernment, as far as I can tell, affects the chances of getting Skills, which help empower your business via various means. I will explain this in the next instalment. The higher the Discernment, the more likely the employee is going to learn a Skill each level. Enlightened is the highest Discernment, followed by Wise, etc. etc.

You can uncover an employee's discernment by using Aptitude Test or Tryout. This costs 10 Tokens and 30 Gold respectively. I will explain these in the next instalment.

Essentially, hiring an employee from a higher Talent group (i.e. International Headhunt) means you are more likely to get a more Discerning employee (i.e. Enlightened rather than Informed) - General Vezax from my guild calculates this at about 2% for Enlightened from International Headhunt.

Note however, this does not guarantee your employee will have more skills - just a higher chance of getting skills on levelling.

What it does mean though is that to increase your chance of getting multi-skilled employees, you are likely to higher more 'Talented' employees, which will increase your base wages. Whether this is worth doing is debatable at different Company levels.

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