Friday, December 14, 2012

Employees (Part Two)

So we've covered Talent and Discernment.

Once hired, you can deploy your employee to different shops as you see fit. You can also invest money and tokens into employees to make them better, that is to help you turn a bigger profit.

The things to take into consideration into this is the concept of Level and Traits.

A new employee starts life at Level 0. Each employee also comes with three attributes, called Traits:
1) Experience
2) Adaptability
3) Loyalty

These start out with values of 12.

Let's discuss these: Levels and Traits.

An employee starts out at Level 0 and reaches maximum at Level 10.

To gain levels, the employee must undergo Cultivation, which is a (tedious) increase in Traits. Once all the three Traits reach a certain Level, the employee can be Upgraded to that Level. Eg. a Level 2 Employee with Level 4 Experience, Level 7 Adaptability, and Level 5 Loyalty can be upgraded to Level 3 and then Level 4.

Trait LevelPoints Required to Next Level
Level 121
Level 236
Level 363
Level 4110
Level 5192
Level 6336
Level 7588
Level 81029
Level 91800
Level 10-

The value of adding Levels is an increase in Perks for the shop the employee is hired at. This is measured as 'Professionalism' which has a separate score and then converted into a Perk score.

Employee LevelProfessionalism ScoreProfessionalism Perk
Level 181.67
Level 2173.33
Level 3255.00
Level 4336.66
Level 5428.33
Level 65010.00
Level 75811.66
Level 86713.33
Level 97514.99
Level 108316.66

Another benefit of Levelling an employee is to try for Skills. This will be discussed in the next section.

There are many ins and outs into determining whether this is a worthwhile endeavour, but there are several points to make here for the junior player:
1) Managers and simple employees have different ways of contribution to shop profit. Levelling a manager is more profitable.
2) Higher 'Talent' employees are more likely to have skills, but become too costly!
3) At an early stage, it is perhaps better to hire 'Primary Talent' or 'Secondary Talent' for the majority of your employees.

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