Monday, October 22, 2012

Currencies of the Game: Tokens

I'm sure your PA has introduced you to the various currencies of the game, but here's another rundown for Tokens.

Tokens, also known as silver coins, appears as Token on the Top Bar, fifth column.
These can be acquired via the following methods.
  1. Completing Daily Tasks
  2. Completing PvE challenges
  3. Completing PVP
  4. Exchanging Vouchers for Tokens at Token Center
  5. Claiming Login Prize (for certain CEO levels only)
  6. Using Activation Codes (from gold purchases)
  7. Completing Quests
Tokens can be spent via:
  1. Discernment
  2. Upgrading Employees Levels
  3. Upgrading Employees Skills
  4. Building Infills
  5. Expanding Shops
  6. Building Landmarks
  7. Patrol Shops
  8. CEO Skills
  9. CEO Levels
  10. Buying Votes
Have fun, ST
*all images copyright Hui Liu, Biz Tycoon HD

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