Friday, October 19, 2012

Currencies of the Game: Cash

I'm sure your PA has introduced you to the various currencies of the game, but here's another rundown for Cash.

Cash, also known as G-COINS, appears as Cash Balance on the Top Bar, fourth column.

These can be acquired via the following methods.
  1. Receivables from Shops
  2. Completing Quests
  3. Selling Futures
  4. Completing International Trade
  5. Selling Luxuries
  6. Stealing from Shops
  7. Voting
  8. Using Activation Codes (from Gold purchases)
  9. Claiming Login prizes (I think this is only available to certain CEO levels)
These can be improved by the following.
  1. Upgrading Perks - including CEO level, Employees level, Infills, Landmarks etc.
  2. Upgrading ARPD
  3. Upgrading WTC and MC
  4. Upgrading Departments
  5. Joint Promotions
  6. Cooperation
  7. Selling Luxuries at max prices
  8. Hiring ship crew
A very nice summary of your daily earnings can be found under Co. -> Reports -> Finance Details

Cash can be spent via:
  1. [Compulsory] Sales taxes
  2. [Compulsory] Shop Overheads
  3. [Compulsory] Landmark Overheads
  4. [Compulsory] Employees wages
  5. Procuring stock for your shops
  6. Contributing to the Guild
  7. Buying Futures
  8. Starting International Trade
  9. Starting Joint Promotions
  10. Starting Cooperation
  11. Building new Shops
  12. Building Landmarks
  13. Buying Land
  14. WTC campaigns
  15. Media campaigns
  16. Improving employees Skills
  17. Upgrading employees Levels
  18. Buying Cars
  19. Buying Carparking Lots
  20. Investing in an Election Campaign Fund
  21. Investing in Supply Chains
  22. Removing friends
Have fun, ST
*all images copyright Hui Liu, Biz Tycoon HD

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