Friday, November 2, 2012


PvE is a technical term for Player versus Environment. It essentially means you (the player) against an AI (the environment).

In Biz Tycoon HD, PvE is available to members of guilds. It is run in terms of maps of 5 headquarters.

In each of these 'headquarters', there are 9 AI. You, as the player, can challenge one of them by clicking on their face.

Your ability to win against this AI is given by the metric 'Biz Sense'. This can be found circled in red in the first picture.

Biz sense is related to 'company level, CEO skills and cars.'

Before entering the competition, there are some important stats given in the right column, circled in green. Talent gives you a guideline for how much Biz Sense is required to win. This can vary up and down by a bit (not sure exactly how much). For example, in the picture, the minimum Biz Sense would be 210. Required gives you the number of Wins you need to claim the Prize (Token). Guild Fund tells you how much is paid to your guild on winning.

The higher up you go, the bigger the prizes.

Quota tells you how many times you can Win in the 24 hour window.

Finally, the Token prizes gets paid to each contestant (even if they lost) when the guild wins. The Guild Fund gets paid to the guild once. Therefore, it makes sense to coordinate with your guild members. For example, Darksoil Voicecom, requires 5 winners with a minimum of 425 Biz Sense. If you had,

Player A Biz Sense 455
Player B Biz Sense 480
Player C Biz Sense 490
Player D Biz Sense 600
Player E Biz Sense 800
Player F Biz Sense 190
Player G Biz Sense 255
Player H Biz Sense 300

Obviously, players A to E could easily win Darksoil Voicecom. However, it will be worth organizing it like this:

Player A - B - C - D then Player F - G - H, then lastly Player E to grab the win.

In this manner, Player F, G and H also get 45 tokens each, which they otherwise would not have been able to gain. The only detractor is that if they had won at a lower league, they would have contributed cash to the guild. In my mind however, this is insufficient to warrant them earning lower tokens.

Have fun, ST

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